The Fortune Industrial Co., Ltd.

About Us

The Fortune Industrial Co. is a manufacturing company that has 45 years of experience making outstanding products, engaging in responsible business practices, and keeping customers satisfactory. We specialize in manufacturing PE/PVC tarps, furniture covers, BBQ covers, grill covers, garden accessories, knitted sun shade, fire retardant debris netting and more. We customize products based on client needs to ensure customer satisfaction and offer unlimited possibilities that adapt to important changes in the market.

Our customers have peace of mind: every order they place is guaranteed by quality control and a punctual delivery. All our products are manufactured in an ISO9001-accredited plant and tested by in-house to ensure quality production. Our manufacturing activities are carried out with the highest consideration for social accountability and the welfare of local communities. We provide not only a refurnished dormitory, but also a dining hall, child-care centre and recreation area for our employees because we believe happy employees will yield outstanding performance.

This website is meant show you our collection of our products, along with information on how to prolong product shelf life and how to make the right choice on selecting your products. We are proud of our great service and extensive business experience and will continue to deliver quality products and customer service to all our clients in the future.

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