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Cut size is the gross size of the tarp before fabrication, and on the other hand, a Finished size is the net size of the tarp after fabrication. The fabrication that is mentioned here is the welding and sawing, therefore, the difference between a Cut Size and a Finished Size is the total width of the hem and seam of a tarpaulin. Normally, the width of a hem or a seam is 2'' (5 cm). For example, if you have a tarpaulin with a Cut Size of 16' wide, and there are 1 seam and 2 hems on sides, then the Finished Size would be approximately 15'6''.

Generally, people prefer to tarp weight as grades of the tarps. However, there are significant between a Tarp Weight and a Fabric Weight. For the Fabric Weight, unsuprisingly, is the weight of the fabric only, excludes all the weight of grommets, seam, hem, rope, package materials and things other than fabric itself. It is unlike the Tarp Weight which includes everything even the polybag on a scale and then divided by the size of the tarp. Smaller the tarp Greater the difference.

It totally depends on the usage of the tarp, and how bad the environment o the tarp is being applied. The PE tarp can be deteriorated by air pollution, moisture, heat and sunlight. The different combination of conditions will result different outcomes. In order to increase the durability of the products, a UV stabiliser has been added to our tarps to slow down its degradation process caused by sunlight. We also compare the test results obtained from our in-house laboratory and the data obtianed from outdoor exposure testing in Florida where is one of the internationally recognised benchmark locations for the kind of testing, to have a better understanding on how our products will behave while it is on outdoor.

Normally, tarpaulin is vulnerable to fire or sufficient amount of heat. A fire retardant (F.R.) is added to the product will either reduce or slow down the flame spread, and in some cases it will extinguish the flame after when an external heat is removed. However, the fire retardant will not make PE tarp inflammable. All our FR tarps are compliant to NFPA 701.

First of all, tarpaulin has been categorised into three different classes, namely multi-purpose, medium-duty and heavy-duty based on their weights. The multi-purpose tarp is light and ideal for daily home application. The heavy-duty tarp is ideal for industrial and large-scale construciton uses, it is toughest among the three classes. The medium-duty falls in betwen, normally, it is suitable for hurricane tarps. However, for other special purposes, the tarp can be treated as fire retardant tarps and add UV stabiliser to prolong the lifespan of the tarp under the Sun.

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